Iceland 2019

Iceland, your weather beat me up. Seriously, I have never been tossed around by wind like that before.

Iceland, you had me experience every shade of gray under God‘s great creation. 

Photographically, I want my work not to be typical. Did my best to stay away from anything touristy spent my days in the remotest parts that I could find.

Here is a quick edit of a few. 

Soul Scrubbing Series w/ Jordan Corcoran

The power of pause.

In an age where media is more often than not tearing us apart, can you imagine a technology platform to help us make real social connections? In turn, which leads to having conversations that connects us to each other.

Meet Jordan Corcoran founder of Listen, Lucy.

"Listen, Lucy is an outlet where people can express themselves, creatively. Post and read contributions from people who have something to say. Listen, Lucy's main goal is to give everyone someone to lean on during difficult times."

Please turn down the noise in your world today and take some time to digest the message that Jordan is sharing.

My “ask” of you today is to share this film with somebody who needs it.